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Soma Boost 750 mg

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Quick Overview

Brand Name: Soma Boost 750
Generic Name: Soma 750 mg
Active Ingredient: Carisoprodol
Manufacturer: Orange City Exporters Pvt. Ltd.
Drug Class: Skeletal Muscle Relaxant
Strength: 750 mg
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 Strip
Treatment: Chronic back Pain
Time Duration: 30 to 60 minutes
Price: $89 – $309
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  • 5 Star Review  For Muscle Spasms: “Soma Boost 750mg works great for me. In addition to helping control muscle spasms in my shoulders... read more

    Soma boost 750mg Image
    Soma boost 750mg
    thumbAlexis Shane
    March 9, 2023

    5 Star Review  "Soma boost 750mg is a godsend for me! I have tried all other muscle relaxers and they did nothing!! Soma... read more

    Soma boost 750mg Image
    Soma boost 750mg
    thumbPeter Hunter
    March 9, 2023

Product Description

Soma Boost 750 mg is the best muscle relaxer and painkiller medication. Carisoprodol is active ingredient in Soma 750 mg for effective chronic back pain treatment that comes from some specific causes.

What is Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is a type of pain that continues for 12 weeks or longer, even initial incident or main cause of back pain has been treated.

Back pain that lasts 3 months or more is considered to be chronic pain. It can come and go, sometimes making things better for a little while and then making things worse. It could be more difficult to deal with chronic back pain especially when you don’t know the cause.

Types of Back Pain:

  • Acute back pain: it starts quickly and lasts for a few weeks.
  • Subacute back: Pain that starts quickly and lasts for 4 to 12 weeks.
  • Chronic back pain: It starts quickly and lasts longer than 12 weeks.

What Causes of Chronic Back Pain:

Chronic back pain is commonly age-related, but it can be also a result of prior injury.

The most common causes are:

Myofascial pain syndrome:

Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic disease that causes pain in the muscles and bones. This pain happens only in a particular spot. For example, pain and tenderness might only feel in your right shoulder and neck. Typically, trigger points in the muscles are to blame for the pain.

Spinal disc problems:

Spinal disc Pain

Spinal disc pain that affects only one side of the body. Sharp discomfort in certain parts of the leg, hip, or buttocks and sharp pain in others. You could also feel pain or numbness on the back of the calf or sole of the foot.

Spinal Stenosis:

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when the Gap in the spine shrinks and puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots. The spinal cord is a network of nerves that comes out of the base of the brain and runs down the center of the spine. Nerve roots emerge from the cord.

Spinal arthritis:

Spinal Arthritis

Spinal Arthritis is a disease of the facet joints in the spine or sacroiliac joints between the spine and the hip. It may be due to wear and tear, Allergic disease, infection, and something else.

Is Soma Boost 750 mg Treat Chronic Back Pain?

Soma boosts 750 mg Carisoprodol Tablet effective treatment for unbearable chronic back pain in adults”.

Carisoprodol Skeletal muscle relaxer heals muscles cramp or relieves pain. It starts effects in 30 minutes and lasts for about 6 hours.

Soma 750 mg is first prescribed for use to treat skeletal muscle pain with physical therapy. It is most highly prescribed medicine in the United States. Carisoprodol is helpful for muscle relaxation in sprain and muscle injuries.

Somaboost 750mg muscle relaxant tablet for chronic back pain caused by Myofascial pain syndrome, Spinal disc pain, Spinal stenosis, and Spinal arthritis.

Uses of Carisoprodol 750 Tablet:

Carisoprodol Tablet is used to treat, control, prevention, and improvement for the following diseases and symptoms:

  • Malaise Caused By Muscle Injury
  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Chronic Back Pain

Soma Boost 750mg Uses Directions:

Take Soma 750 mg as your doctor prescribed. Other doses 250 mg or 350mg 1 time in a day before bedtime for not more than 2 to 3 weeks. Soma can be addictive, do not stop suddenly. Consult first your doctor before you stop taking medicine.


Carisoprodol is prescribed for the treatment of relief from pain and painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Important limitations of use:

  • It should be used for short-term treatment of up to 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Adequate proof of effectiveness for longer-term use has not been established.
  • It is not advised for children under 16 years of age.

Side effects of Somaboost 750 mg:

  • Euphoria
  • Dysphoria
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

What Precautions and Warnings should I follow before taking Soma 750?

  • Don’t use it in case you have seizures as it can make sign worse.
  • Avoid use of alcohol taking It could be harmful because it makes you sleepier.
  • If you use it for a long time, consult your doctor.
  • If you have liver and kidney disease, it may be harmful, be careful in these situations.
  • Pregnant women should not use Carisoprodol.

Tell your doctor if your condition continues or worsens. Important counseling aspects are listed below.

  • Breastfeeding
  • Avoid consuming alcohol
  • Do not operate heavy machinery drive
  • History of fits
  • A disease of Liver or kidney

Storage Instructions:

  • Keep carisoprodol between 68°F and 77°F (20°C and 25°C) at room temperature.
  • Keep this drug far from light.
  • Don’t store this medication in wet or damp areas, like bathrooms.

What should I avoid before taking Soma 750 mg?

  • Strictly avoid alcohol it should be harmful.
  • Avoid driving vehicles or doing any other physical activity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) What is the strongest muscle relaxer out there?

Ans: Soma boost 750 mg is best muscle relaxer medicine it contains Carisoprodol helps to treat musculoskeletal pain. It’s a schedule IV drug, (meaning it’s a controlled substance) that is easy to use. It works within 30 minutes, but its only use up to three weeks.

Q2) What is the best prescription medicine for lower back pain?

Ans: Somaboost 750mg is one of the best first-line treatment medicine for acute LBP pain relief. It can help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation in muscles and around broken spinal discs or arthritic joints.

Q3) Do doctors prescribe medication for back pain?

Ans: Doctors prescribed 750 mg soma best option for chronic back pain treatment. Though it does not address the reason for the pain, Soma medicine can temporarily make pain relief so that you can start physical therapy or exercise activity.

Q4) Is Soma Boost tablet a good pain killer?

Ans: Soma medication is used with rest and physical treatment to treat skeletal muscle conditions like pain or injury. Soma 750mg used for a short time (up to two or three weeks) because most skeletal muscle injuries are generally only last a short time.

Q5) Why do doctors not prescribe Soma?

Ans: Soma should not be prescribed unless other options have been tried first, as carisoprodol is classified as a class IV controlled substance, guidance has been issued to doctors on how to prescribe it should go.

Q6) What is the best medicine for arthritis in the back?

Ans: Soma boost 750mg is the best medication for severe back pain treatment. It is mostly prescribed for treating patients with arthritis, low back pain, and spasm that duration is seven days.

Q7) Do Soma 750 help with back arthritis?

Ans: Muscle relaxants Somaboost 750 are prescribed for people who are suffering from arthritis pain and other types of musculoskeletal pain. It can be prescribed only for short-term use.

Q8) What is the best medicine for myofascial pain?

Ans: To Treat Myofascial Pain Soma 750mg is the best muscle relaxant used to improve the quality of sleep and reduce pain.

Q9) Do muscle relaxers Soma 750 help with disc pain?

Ans: Soma 750mg relieves disc pain by nerve electrical signals that travel from the nerve to nearby muscle tissue may be disrupted, leading to painful muscle spasms. If a disc slips from its place between vertebrae and pinches a nerve, Muscle relaxant soma boost 750 mg medications can calm spasms and relieve pain.

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2 reviews for Soma Boost 750 mg

  1. Peter Hunter

    “Soma boost 750mg is a godsend for me! I have tried all other muscle relaxers and they did nothing!! Soma boost 750mg is the only one that provides relief and lets me live a normal life My constant muscle aches, and can’t live with the pain. It gives me my life back and has no side effects.”

  2. Alexis Shane

    For Muscle Spasms: “Soma Boost 750mg works great for me. In addition to helping control muscle spasms in my shoulders and back, it helps me stay awake during the daylight hours after working late night shift computers Also helps me sleep.”

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