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Safe And Secure Shopping

Shopping Safe

We provide a secure shopping experience to our customers.

At we understand the importance of money and security, thus we do not take payment security lightly.

We use SSL encryption technology as it is the most secure and private way to pay online. Because all information is encrypted multidimensionally, it is impossible to steal card data or tamper with the gateway. Our payment gateway has been validated by Visa, and we carefully follow the requirements of the payment card industry.

Any information entered during the payment process is not saved in our database.

Pills4cure’s backend staff is expressly prohibited from accessing or collecting any personal information about our customers without good reason.

You can trust our payment gateway, and we guarantee that we will not share your credit card or identity information.

However, if there is a legal concern, we may be forced to do so.

Spam Policy:

We fully support Cool Anti-Spam Club and do not promote or send any type of junk/spam email to customers on our mailing list unless they have received promotional offer mails upon account signup Have not accepted to do.

You will receive a newsletter informing you about the arrival of new goods or services from our website only once a month, and only if you have registered for it.

We use cookies to help you customize your online experience based on your preferences. Cookies cannot be used to run an app or infect your computer with a virus.

One of the primary functions of this cookie is to provide a benefit that will help customers save time.

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